PRINCE2 is an easy-to-use project management method providing individuals with structured step by step guidance to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects of any size or complexity. 

Whether that’s launching a new product, the delivery of a sales & marketing campaign or streamlining internal processes; PRINCE2 guides you through the steps from start to finish. 

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Find the training provider of your choice, undertake your training online or in a classroom setting and get certified now.


Attain an essential business skill, get PRINCE2 certified to ensure successful project delivery and to boost your CV.

Ensure benefits are achieved – through continual business justification and benefits management, you’ll keep focused on what the project needs to achieve.

Establish control – By using the processes and principles, PRINCE2 helps you manage your work in a controlled fashion.

Improve communication – the structured approach and clear roles and responsibilities enable better communication between your team and your stakeholders – a common reason for project failure.

Increase your knowledge and skillset – through learning the common language of project management and a globally recognized qualification.


You don’t have to be a project manager to be managing projects.
There are 37 million people globally who include ‘project management’ as a skill on LinkedIn


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Empowering people, enabling projects, driving business success.

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Your training, your way

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Benefits of PRINCE2

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PRINCE2 underpins the routes to the new Axelos ProPath Certification Scheme. It is a key certification for pursuing the ProPath Project Expert route - one of the three routes that candidates can take. The Axelos ProPath Project Expert route comprises:


Axelos® ProPathTM Certification Scheme

- PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner levels
- Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) Foundation and Practitioner levels
- Management of Risk (M_o_R®) Foundation and Practitioner levels.

Each certification is powerful, together they are unstoppable.